Writings 1997–2003


384 pages

Published July 24, 2017 by The MIT Press, Urbanomic.

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4 stars (1 review)

Startling pulp theory-fictions, forays into cyberculture, occultural studies and popular numerics, paranoid cosmic conspiracy, and schizoid tactics for escaping the reality system recovered from the prehistoric lore of Lemurian Time Sorcery.

From before the beginning (which was also, according to them, already the end), the adepts of the Architectonic Order of the Eschaton have worked tirelessly to secure the past, present, and future against the incursions of Neolemurian time-sorcery, eliminating all polytemporal activity, stitching up the future, sealing every breach and covering every track. According to the AOE, the CCRU “does not, has not, and will never exist.” And yet…

The texts collected here document the CCRU's perilous efforts to catalogue the traces of Lemurian occulture, bringing together the scattered accounts of those who had stumbled upon lagooned relics of nonhuman intelligence—a project that led ultimately to the recovery of the Numogram and the reconstruction of the principles of Lemurian …

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Crono-espagueti lovecraftiano

4 stars

Híjole ¿Cómo describir este libro? ¿Es una serie de ensayos al rededor de una organización que no existe, no ha existido, y nunca existirá? ¿Es un manual de ocultismo concentrado en conocimientos pre-atlantes? ¿Es un ejercicio de escritura creativa? ¿Ninguno? ¿Todos los anteriores?

Definitivamente weirdo. Un Péndulo de Foucault lovecraftiano y cyberpunk. Me gustó mucho pero definitivamente tienes que estar en su frecuencia.